The Adult ADD Solution is an
online coaching and support group for adults with ADD. Watch the movie below for more info....



Join our group and meet online via video conferencing with your team to learn the holistic tools, tips, and technques taught by Dr. George Sachs, expert in Adult ADD. Access the online course material with video, audio and text-based lessons.

Price =
for 8 weeks plus online course material

Without Group / Self Study of course materials = $95

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Early Bird Special. Sign Up before September 1st and receive a free one hour private session with Dr. Sachs via video conference. This is a $300 dollar value free.

The total cost of the 8 week program is $795 $495

For this price you receive:

Access to all the online content, which includes 20 audio and video lessons. 

You also receive emails every other day with links to the audio and video content. 

You get a live group video conference session with Dr. Sachs once a week (total 8!)

Meet with your accountability partner via video conference or phone once a week.

Watch recorded video conference calls online anytime.

Take interactive online quizzes to cement your learning.

Access a private online community to post messages and support your team.

Tools and tips created by one of New York City’s top doctors for Adult ADD.

Watch this video for more info on the program.

My name is George Sachs. I’m a clinical psychologist and expert in Adult ADD. I also have Adult ADD so much of what I teach comes from my own personal experience.

I was never satisfied with the books I read on Adult ADD. The advice was hard to follow and was clearly not created by someone with ADD. The tools, tips and techniques I developed for this online learning program have been field tested by me, and my clients. With great success.

Adult ADD is challenging for oneself and loved ones, but with support and this program, you can overcome some of your worst symptoms and become the person you always knew you could be.

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This is what you will learn in the eight weeks.

Sleep, Diet, Exercise & Medication

  • Understand the impact of sleep debt on Adult ADD and learn ways to improve sleep.
  • Learn how increasing water intake can reduce symptoms of Adult ADD.
  • Find an exercise program that suits you and your Adult ADD.
  • Learn about the best diet for Adult ADD.
  • Discover how medication can improve your symptoms and the secret your psychiatrist won’t tell you.

Managing Impulsivity & Emotions

  • Learn self-regulation skills to better manage impulsivity.
  • Control impulsive communication online and in person.
  • Develop skills to better manage unhelpful anger and shame.
  • Unpack the toxic shame adults with ADD often carry.
  • Build compassion for yourself through community.

    Mastering Time Management & Productivity

    • Learn how to manage your reputation for ultimate success.
    • Discover the secret of time-management and never be late again.
    • Gain mastery of your reputation by crushing overcommitment.
    • Achieve high levels of productivity with simple techniques.
    • Manage your email in three easy steps.

    Overcoming Procrastination

    • Learn the different styles of procrastination and how you can get started.
    • Discover how thinking you “should be able” to do something perpetuates failure.
    • Figure out if you’re a square peg in a round hole and find the right career for you.
    • Set goals for the future as a means to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
    • Close the open loops in your life to reduce your stress and procrastination.


    No Magic Pill

    Medication can be effective for some, but most of my clients stop taking it because of the side effects. That is why I coach them that they need to learn tools and new techniques to better manage their life with Adult ADD. This program does that, offering holistic actionable advice that can be implemented immediately. Without the negative side effects!


    Our holistic approach starts with sleep, diet and exercise and includes emotional, relational and spiritual practices to overcome Adult ADD. We examine the impact of a life of untreated Adult ADD, and how that affects self-esteem, relationships and overall success. The key word is “overall.” Because Adult ADD impacts all areas of one’s life.


    I know that the advice many so-called experts give to adults with ADD just doesn’t work. Maybe because those experts don’t have Adult ADD. Well I Do. So I know that the typical methods for organization and productivity don’t always work for us adults with ADD. That is why I offer “work-arounds.” These are field-tested tools, tips and techniques that work for adults with ADD and take into account the unique way that we approach life.


    Every two months a new team forms. The team will work together via a private community group page to support, inform and educate one another. Through shared experiences, the team members will serve as guides on the journey through the 60 Days and beyond. Once out of the program, the team can connect on their own or through the larger Adult ADD Solution Facebook group.


    Every other day for 60 days you will receive (via email) content on a particular subject related to Adult ADD. Weekends will be a time for review and light discussion. This same information will also be online for you to read at your convenience. If you prefer not to read, like many of my clients, you can simply listen to an audio file of the day’s content or watch a video. In addition to the online program, you will join a once a week group online video conference with Dr. Sachs.


    Group video sessions are held every week on Wednesdays 12pm to 1pm. You must attend at least four of the eight sessions.

    You must finish all 20 lessons in the Adult ADD Solution program. Each lesson takes 20 to 30 minutes.  There are 3 lessons a week.

    You are required to speak with your accountability partner at least once a week. This call can last 5 minutes or 50 minutes. Up to you.

    If for some reason you can't finish the program, you can be added to the next program.


    Join now to secure your spot on the next team. Enrollment is limited!

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    Dr. Sachs has been featured in the following media.

    Dr. Sachs is a licensed clinical psychologist and expert in Adult ADD. He has a private practice in Manhattan called the Sachs Center, which specializes in the testing and treatment of ADD ADHD in children, teens and adults. Dr. Sachs has been featured on NBC and CBS news, as well as Vice Television. He writes for the Huffington Post and other major publications.

    Dr. Sachs is the author of Helping Your Husband with Adult ADD, Helping the Traumatized Child and the Mad, Sad, Happy book for preschoolers.

    Do you want to purchase the course but not want to be in the group program? If you just want to learn on your own, then you can purchase the course without the group program, here.