The Adult ADD Solution

The Adult ADD Solution is a 30-day comprehensive online course for adults with ADD, offering you tools, tips and techniques for real change. The course contains four weeks of content (videos, audio, text and quizzes) with additional bonus material. Plus you receive one online video conference group Q & A session with Dr. Sachs. In addition to having the content online, you will receive content emailed to you directly. You also receive access to a secret Facebook group to get additional peer support.


Each one-week mini-course is taken directly from the Adult ADD Solution course content. If you would like to purchase all four courses in a bundle, please buy the Adult ADD Solution above.  Buying the bundled Adult ADD Solution offers you a discount of 15% off the price of buying the four mini-courses individually.  

Adult ADD Solution + Coaching Sessions

If you would like to purchase the Adult ADD Solution, plus also receive private online coaching with Dr. Sachs, select one of these choices.