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The Adult ADD Solution ($595) is the main course. The four mini courses make up the Adult ADD Solution. You don’t need to buy both. Either buy the Adult ADD Solution or one, two, three or four of the mini courses. But if you want to buy all four minicourses, you should just buy the Adult ADD Solution.


For technical issues, please write to

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This form is only for billing or technical questions.

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With the course you get thirty days of tools, tips and techniques emailed to you every day. This content also lives online. You can access this via audio as well.  Finally, you also will be placed with a group of others that join at the same time and your team will receive one video conference call with Dr. Sachs for a Q & A session.


You can order individual coaching sessions by buying the bundle of sessions with the course.  See the “Buy Now”  link on the menu or “Buy Coaching” link on the menu when logged in. Finally, you can always call our office at 646-807-8900 or book online at

Of course you can’t cure Adult ADD, and certainly not in thirty days. But in thirty days you will receive a roadmap to change. This program is just the beginning of a lifetime of learning about your unique symptoms. In thirty days you will learn what critical areas of your life need more attention.

I am not anti-medication and know that it can be very helpful in some cases. I have seen though that many clients stop taking their ADD medication after the initial excitement. Most stopped because of the negative side effects.  If no behavioral skills were learned, then the person is no better off than before they went on meds. That is why I am a bigger supporter of behavioral interventions.

If you purchased the Adult ADD Solution, you also receive a bonus one-hour group Q & A session with Dr. Sachs. The link for this will be sent to your email.  The Q & A session is on the 3rd Monday of the month at 8pm. If you miss this session for the month you’re taking the course you can always join another month’s call.


If you feel a private session with Dr. Sachs would be helpful, please go to this page and book an appointment.

While we suggest interacting with others on your team, via the Forum and the Goals section of the course, this is not necessary and you DO NOT HAVE TO participate to complete the course.


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