Adult ADD Solution

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The Adult ADD Solution online course and group coaching program is the foundation for change for those adults with ADD.  The online (and emailed) lessons are filled with proven tools, tips and techniques to deal with your impulsivity, procrastination, disorganization, lack of focus and anger management. By following this program you will be able to master your Adult ADD and achieve your goals.

You will also receive one live video conference group session with Dr. Sachs a  week.  In addition, you will be matched with another member of the group to create an accountability partnership that you check in once a week with regarding your goals.

Finally, you will be added to a private community website where you can get support and connect with other members in the program and receive bonus content.

Course Goals

Sleep, Diet & Exercise

  • Understand sleep debt and learn ways to improve sleep.
  • Learn how increasing water intake can reduce symptoms of ADD.
  • Find an exercise program that suits you and your ADD.
  • Learn about the best diet for Adult ADD.
  • Discover the secret your psychiatrist won’t tell you about meds.

Impulsivity & Unhelpful Emotions

  • Learn self-regulation skills to better manage impulsivity.
  • Control impulsive communication online and in person.
  • Develop skills to better manage unhelpful anger and shame.
  • Unpack the toxic shame adults with ADD often carry.
  • Build compassion for yourself through community

Time Management & Productivity

  • Learn how to manage your reputation for ultimate success.
  • Discover the secret of time-management and never be late again.
  • Gain mastery of your reputation by crushing overcommitment.
  • Achieve high levels of productivity with simple techniques.
  • Manage your email in three easy steps.

Overcoming Procrastination

  • Get tools and tips to allow you to get started on tasks.
  • Learn how your unhelpful thoughts lead to failure.
  • Learn if you’re a square peg in a round hole. Find the right career.
  • Close the open loops in your life to reduce your procrastination.
  • Set goals for the future.

“Dr. George is a knowledgeable, caring, and outstanding therapist. From the beginning, George makes you feel comfortable and he really understands. He doesn’t see you as a diagnosis, but as an individual. I will always be grateful!” –Sandy D.

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